The Planned Projects


A food event to celebrate and showcase the food and produce of the region.
To be held at an undisclosed location ... the view is just brilliant

Gate to PlateGate to Plate Awards

Agribusiness across the Central Highlands is unique in its breadth and depth. Recognition for agribusinesses at their own event to celebrate successes underpins this regional event.

Central Highlands Agribusiness InvestmentCH Agribusiness Investment Proposal

Recognising that the diversity of the sector offers business opportunities that are required to be showcased. The Proposal is designed to provide an industry perspective of the various sectors and the opportunities that are available.

Peri Urban AgribusinessPeri-urban Landscapes

Innovation and opportunities often arise at the fringe or intersection of systems, and the same is true of peri-urban landscapes. The Central Highlands Region faces fundamental competition where productive agricultural landscapes are under the pressure, which is exerted by expanding urban settlement within these agricultural landscapes. Education and connectivity between the groups involved is paramount and the basis for this project.

Farm SecurityFarm Security

The extent of farm/rural property theft in the Central Highlands is on the increase. This project is to develop a series of informative videos developed and created with industry partners, designed to assist the regional community to put preventative measures in place, to help avoid theft on their properties.