Efficient Agricultural Practices

"Your Resource Efficient Farm" Workbook and Case Studies

Keen to save you money and improve the viability of your farm business through energy savings and materials efficiency?

Interested in using a practical guide to help you save money, increase productivity, gain a market edge and reduce environmental impact of your farm?

Resource Efficient FarmCultivate Agribusiness has developed a self-guided workbook book to help you acheive your efficiency goals.

Click here for a copy of "Your Resource Efficient Farm" Workbook.

For individual efficient farm case studies in the Central Highlands Region of Victoria, click through the following links:

Why Efficient Ag Practices?

Did you know…

  • Broadacre farming … composting on a broadacre cropping farm can reduce nitrogen fertilizer application by 10%, with no reduction in yield.
  • Refrigeration… installing a variable speed drive could reduce fan speed by 7-10% resulting in a 20-27% reduction in electricity consumption
  • Electricity supply…installing a Voltage Power Optimisation (VPO) unit can result in a saving of up to 10% of electricity consumption.

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The Smarter Resources, Smarter Central Highlands Agribusiness training program is being supported by Sustainability Victoria’s Smarter Resources, Smarter Business program and will be delivered by Cultivate Agribusiness Central Highlands in partnership with Federation University and BREAZE Energy Solutions.