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Regenerative Agriculture 
REGENERATIVE AGRICULTURE – healthy, profitable farming

Australian farm managers see themselves as having resilience and being adaptable given climatic and market changes.

Harnesing those attributes and supporting those managers seeking changes to their land management practices is important.

Regenerative Agriculture is a system of farming principles and practices that increases biodiversity, enriches soils, improves water cycles, and enhances ecosystems.

Regenerative Agriculture aims to capture carbon in soil and aboveground biomass, whilst at the same time, it offers increased yields, resilience to changing climate and higher health and vitality for farming communities.

The system draws from decades of scientific and applied research by the global communities of organic farming, agroecology, Holistic Management, agroforestry, agronomy and permaculture.

Panel of Speakers

Charles MasseyDr Charles Massy
Farmer and Scientist

Charles Massy is a well known farmer from the Cooma region of NSW, since the early 1990's he began questioning the accepted management systems associated with raising sheep on the Monaro. Rather than fighting nature he sought to learn more about whole of landscape management.

The 1979-83 drought was a turning point where he discovered he could do things better. He started replanting lost native vegetation and other activities to help heal the land in a time of stress.

Observing others who were following his framework he began to ask why they had changed their world view. As he became more and more involved in this new approach to land management, the decision was made to go back to university and do a PhD examining transformative change in such farm managers.

This resulted in his new book, Call of the Reed Warbler: A New Agriculture – A New Earth (UQP Sept. 2017) concerning the emergence of a regenerative agriculture in Australia and cause for hope.

Stephani Russo - NABStephanie Russo
Associate Director Natural Value, NAB

Stephanie is Associate Director of Natural Capital at NAB where she is responsible for delivery of NAB’s Natural Value Strategy, identifying green finance opportunities and improving collaboration with the public sector. Stephanie brings with her an in depth understanding of a broad range of environmental and sustainability issues including climate change and energy efficiency, air pollution, water and biodiversity conservation built through more than 10 years working on environmental issues. Prior to joining NAB Stephanie worked in the Federal Government for the Department of the Environment and Energy and has a strong public policy and regulatory background.

Andrew StewartAndrew Stewart
Otway Agroforestry Network and Yan Yan Gurt West Farm

Andrew Stewart is a fourth generation farmer and along with his wife, Jill, works and manages the family grazing and agroforestry property of  “Yan Yan Gurt West ” in southern Victoria. Eighteen per cent of the property has been revegetated with a diverse range of trees and shrubs integrated into the farm management plan.

Andrew is coordinator of the Otway Agroforestry Network.  He has been a recipient of the Norman Wettenhall Foundation Landscape Restoration Fellowship and served on the Australian Landcare Council. Andrew has a Bachelor of Agricultural Science, a Graduate Diploma in Education and a Graduate Certificate of Forest Science (Farm Forestry).

Andrew Gray
Project Facilitator for Central Otway Landcare Network and Environmental Education Business Owner

Andrew has a strong interest in holistic land management and regenerative farming. As a Landcare Facilitator in the highly productive Otway region of south west Victoria, he enjoys supporting farmers to achieve their production goals, assisting with their farm business decisions and landscape management.

Andrew has completed studies in Conservation and Land Management and more recently in Agro-ecology to deepen his understanding of the importance of a healthy functioning ecological and social system, irrespective of land managers enterprise or land tenure. He has experience in environmental and outdoor education, coastal land management and planning, and for the past 10 years has worked with Coastcare and Landcare volunteer groups.

By convening an ‘Otway Food and Fibre Showcase’ event biannually, Otway farmers and their community are brought together to celebrate all things Regenerative Agriculture. Andrew currently works with dairies, pig farmers, fruit, nut and crop growers, beef, lamb and wool producers, and crown land managers for conservation and recreation.

Date and time: Thursday June 7th - 6:-8:30pm
Venue: Mount Rowan Farm Campus (Ballarat Grammar), Sims Road, Ballarat

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